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    We ask our users to please review our Privacy Policy

    Please note that we take user data security very seriously – we do not store IP addresses for users and do not log IP addresses with forum/social media posts. We also do not store any personally identifying info on our users, and we avoid using third-party services that can track user activity (such as google re-captcha).

    However, while we do everything in our power to ensure the privacy of our users’ data, NO PLATFORM IS 100% SECURE. Therefore, please consider taking additional measures to protect your privacy: use burner emails for registration, make use of encrypted connections, do not share personally identifying info, etc.

    Additionally, please note that while the site is young, we will be using google analytics for understanding our users and to inform our decisions. You have our word that this decision will be phased out as soon as practically feasible (months, not years). In the meantime, you may choose to opt out of analytics data-gathering by installing an opt-out plugin for your browser.

    Users may delete and permanently erase their entire account at any time in their “Settings > Delete Account” page. Doing so will retain your forum/social media content, but will attribute all of the content you have posted to an Anonymous user. Alternatively, you may manually delete selected/all content prior to account deletion, to ensure complete removal of all of your content.

    Again, welcome to TPD – stay off the bullshit, and stay grinding.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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