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    Say Bernie/Biden/Warren/Pete/Bloomberg (or some combination) all stay viable through Super Tuesday, and all rack up significant delegates.

    If the delegate counts were lopsided enough between the lefties and the centrists, an obvious compromise presents itself, where Warren bows out and endorses Bernie, or Pete quits and endorses Biden, pushing one candidate over the top.

    But let’s say that the Bernie/Pete/Bloomberg delegates are roughly equal to the Bernie/Warren count, so that no candidate wins the first ballot based on a deal like this. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

    Somehow I assume it ends up being Biden in that scenario, since we all know the establishment hacks will do whatever it takes to screw Bernie. But given how much hate the lefties now have for Biden, could some outside, compromise candidate be selected instead?

    This primary just seems totally different from anything I’ve ever seen – like it will lead to a very weird result.

    That being said, I think Biden at anything plus money is an insanely good trade at the moment – if Pete does not win Iowa I’ll be smashing the hell out of Joe.

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