Ten Point Dog was started as a retaliation to the corruption and deteriorating state of western media, and as a ‘fuck you’ to the tech industry and their ever-leftward plunge into authoritarian, leftist bullshit. TenPoint is fundamentally pro-capitalist, pro-liberty, and pro-individual. We value determination, courage, truth, and discipline and reject the revisionist-history, BS vending and self-loathing that pervade today’s media, entertainment, tech, and academic institutions.

As a professional gambler, much of the content I aggregate revolves around trading, sportsbetting, and poker, but I can only cover so much ground. So please consider submitting your own essays and content using the ‘+ New’ button on the main header menu, and it will be considered as a feature on our homepage stream. Submissions can be published anonymously, or under your username – just indicate in your submission what you’d prefer. Whether you’re a pipefitter from Des Moines or an investment banker in Manhattan, everyone has life experience that’s worth sharing and reading about. Say your piece.

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Furthermore, users may delete and permanently erase their entire account at any time in their “Settings > Delete Account” page. Doing so will retain your content, but will attribute all of your posts and replies to an ‘Anonymous’ user. If wishing to delete your content along with your account, please manually remove the items in your personal user page (under ‘My Updates’) before account deletion.

TenPoint mods recognize that the pursuit of truth can get messy, and disagreements and spats are bound to occur on our platform. We welcome spirited debate, and tolerate a high level of shitposting, disagreement, and the like. But we have absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE for racist BS, doxing, and _credible_ threats of violence. Consider this your only warning – that shit violates the core values of this community, and any breach of these policies will receive an insta-ban. (See the full Terms and Conditions page for more.)

Otherwise just keep your head down and stay grinding.