Super Bowl Sunday is a degen’s dream – particularly for those with big bankrolls. Huge limits and tons of offerings translates to weak lines that can be beat for potentially huge payouts.

Just do yourself a favor and steer clear of Nate Silver’s betting advice – there’s a reason why this ‘predictive modeler’ posts blogs for a living.

His 2016 model would have recommended you bet your house and retirement on Hillary Clinton:



And if you had any money left after that, he’d have found plenty of bets for you to blow it on. Last night he would have had you taking out payday loans to pound the Niners when they were offered live at -550:



Unbelievable. The guy calls 50 states right in a single election forecast, and eight years later you still have to listen to your NPR-watching co-worker (you know which one) quote 538 articles at you in an attempt to sound smarter than everyone in the canteen.

…”You’re on Gonzaga? aCkShyUaLly that’s a bad bet – I’m betting Kentucky because Nate Silver says they have a 54% probability to win”:

50 out of 50 states? A partially lobotomized chimp could call at least 46 – the Wyoming result is not exactly a tough one to figure out.

Credit where it’s due though – he played the resulting media hype well, and launched his career into the twerp-o-sphere of shit-pundits, and at least (I assume, if he doesn’t bet his own picks) a few million. Good for him. Just look after your own wallet, and don’t go betting his plays any time soon.