For those non-gamblers uninitiated with the degenerate lifestyle, a point spread reflects the likelihood of a game outcome. If two teams are evenly matched, the point spread would be close to nil – a ‘pick-em’. Games involving two highly mismatched teams would have a larger spread, representing the expected point differential of the final score: the larger the spread, the greater the perceived mismatch.

As a spectator, you’d expect a ten point dog to lose. As a gambler – depending on the odds – there could still be value in backing them. But an outright win is considered a longshot.

So what does this all have to do with this site?

Because every major innovation, every paradigm-shifting change, virtually every discontinuous leap forward in human progress has been the product of a major underdog, who pursued a mission with single-minded focus. No one expected the Wright brothers to succeed. No one expected the United States to survive its infancy. Everything was impossible until someone did it.

If your mission – whatever it is – is of any value at all, you will ALWAYS be a ten point dog. Embrace it and get to work.

The outside world is heavily favored. There are strong headwinds.  Good.